Space Telescope Science Institute
2010 WFPC2 Data Handbook
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Table of Contents

WFPC2 Data Handbook
How to Use this Handbook
Typographic Conventions
Visual Cues
Chapter 1: WFPC2 Instrument Overview
1.1 WFPC2 Physical Configuration
1.2 WFPC2 Quick Reference
Chapter 2: WFPC2 Data Structures
2.1 Historical Data Formats and File Names
2.2 Header Keywords
2.3 Correlating Phase II Exposures with Data Files
2.4 WFPC2 Data Products in the Hubble Legacy Archive
Chapter 3: WFPC2 Calibration
3.1 Brief History of the WFPC2 Processing Pipeline
3.2 Data Processing Overview
3.2.1 Calibration of WFPC2 Images
3.3 Standard Pipeline Calibration
3.3.1 Calibration Files
3.3.2 Calibration Steps
3.4 Post-calwp2 Processing
3.4.1 CTE Correction
3.4.2 PyDrizzle
3.5 Recalibration
3.6 Improving the Pipeline Calibration
3.6.1 Warm Pixels
3.6.2 Alternate Flat fields
3.6.3 Removing Cosmic Rays from Co-aligned Images
3.6.4 Charge Traps
Chapter 4: WFPC2 Error Sources
4.1 Bias Subtraction Errors
4.2 Flat Field Correction Errors
4.2.1 History of Flat Fields
4.2.2 Flat Fields for Special Observations and Special Purpose Filters
4.2.3 The Effect of WFPC2 Flat Fields on Point Source Photometry
4.3 Dark Current Subtraction Errors
4.3.1 Electronic Dark Current
4.3.2 Dark Glow
4.4 Pointing Information in Image Headers
4.5 WF4 Background Streaks
4.6 Image Anomalies
4.6.1 Bias Jumps
4.6.2 Residual Images
4.6.3 PC1 Stray Light
4.6.4 Other Anomalies
Chapter 5: WFPC2 Data Analysis
5.1 Photometric Zeropoint
5.1.1 Photometric Systems Used for WFPC2 Data
5.1.2 Determining the Zeropoint
5.2 Photometric Corrections
5.2.1 Time-Dependent Corrections
5.2.2 Position-Dependent Corrections
5.2.3 Other Photometric Corrections
5.2.4 Photometry on Saturated Stars With WFPC2.
5.2.5 Example: Point Source Aperture Photometry with WFPC2
5.3 Polarimetry
5.4 Astrometry
5.4.1 Relative Astrometry Within a Chip
5.4.2 Relative Astrometry Among the Four Chips
5.4.3 Absolute Astrometry
5.5 Drizzling WFPC2 Data
5.6 Deconvolution of WFPC2 Data
5.7 Accuracy of WFPC2 Results
WFPC2 Instrument Science Reports (ISRs)
WFPC2 Links

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