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WFC3 Data Handbook 2.1 May 2011
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WFC3 Data Handbook
Ver. 2.1 May 2011
WFC3 Data Handbook
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World Wide Web
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WFC3 Revision History
This document is written and maintained by the WFC3 Team in the Instruments Division of STScI, with contributions from former members (Howard Bond, Tom Brown, and Massimo Robberto), as well as the Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility, and Randy Kimble from Goddard Space Flight Center. The WFC3 Team, at the time of this writing, consists of Sylvia Baggett, Tiffany Borders, Howard Bushouse, Tomas Dahlen, Michael Dulude, Susana Deustua, Linda Dressel, Ron Gilliland, Bryan Hilbert, Jason Kalirai, Knox Long, Jennifer Mack, John MacKenty, Kai Noeske, Cheryl Pavlovsky, Larry Petro, Norbert Pirzkal, Vera Khozurina-Platais, Abhijith Rajan, Adam Riess, and Elena Sabbi.
In publications, refer to this document as:
Rajan, A. et al. 2010, “WFC3 Data Handbook”, Version 2.1, (Baltimore: STScI).

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