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STIS Instrument Handbook
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STIS Instrument Handbook 9.0
January 2010
Space Telescope
Imaging Spectrograph
Instrument Handbook
for Cycle 18
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Revision History
This document is written and maintained by the COS/STIS Team in the Instruments Division of STScI with the assistance of associates in the Operations and Engineering Division. Contributions to the current edition were made by A. Aloisi, R. Bohlin, A. Bostroem, R. Diaz, V. Dixon, P. Goudfrooij, P. Hodge, D. Lennon, C. Long, S. Niemi, R. Osten, C. Proffitt, N. Walborn, T. Wheeler, M. Wolfe, B. York, and W. Zheng.
In publications, refer to this document as:
Proffitt, C., et al. 2010, “STIS Instrument Handbook”, Version 9.0, (Baltimore: STScI).

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