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January 2010
Hubble Space Telescope
Primer for Cycle 18
An Introduction to HST
for Phase I Proposers
How to Get Started
If you are interested in submitting an HST proposal, then proceed as follows:
Then continue by following the procedure outlined in the Phase I Roadmap available at:
More technical documentation, such as that provided in the Instrument Handbooks, can be accessed from:
Where to Get Help
Contact the STScI Help Desk. Either send e-mail to or call 1-800-544-8125; from outside the United States and Canada, call [1] 410-338-1082.
The HST Primer for Cycle 18 was edited by Francesca R. Boffi, with the technical assistance of Susan Rose and the contributions of many others from STScI, in particular Alessandra Aloisi, Daniel Apai, Todd Boroson, Brett Blacker, Stefano Casertano, Ron Downes, Rodger Doxsey, David Golimowski, Al Holm, Helmut Jenkner, Jason Kalirai, Tony Keyes, Anton Koekemoer, Jerry Kriss, Matt Lallo, Karen Levay, John MacKenty, Jennifer Mack, Aparna Maybhate, Ed Nelan, Sami-Matias Niemi, Cheryl Pavlovsky, Karla Peterson, Larry Petro, Charles Proffitt, Neill Reid, Merle Reinhart, Ken Sembach, Paula Sessa, Nancy Silbermann, Linda Smith, Dave Soderblom, Denise Taylor, Nolan Walborn, Alan Welty, Bill Workman and Jim Younger.

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