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DrizzlePac 2012 Handbook
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The DrizzlePac Handbook

Version 1.0
June 2012
The DrizzlePac Handbook
User Support
For prompt answers to any question, please contact the STScI Help Desk.
Phone: (410) 338-1082
(800) 544-8125 (U.S., toll free);
from outside the United States and Canada, call [1] 410-338-1082.
World Wide Web
Information and other resources are available at the DrizzlePac Website:
DrizzlePac and MultiDrizzle Handbook History
Fruchter, A., Sosey, M., Hack, W., Dressel, L., Koekemoer, A. M., Mack, J., Mutchler, M. and Pirzkal, N.
Koekemoer, A. M., Gonzaga, S., Fruchter, A., Biretta, J., Casertano, S., Hsu, J.-C., Lallo, M., Mutchler, M. and Hook, W.
Drizzle documentation is the result of combined work by many individuals over the years. For this latest handbook version, primary contributors (in alphabetical order) are Amber Armstrong, Roberto Avila, Nadia Dencheva, Michael Dulude, Andy Fruchter, Shireen Gonzaga, Warren Hack, Kevin Lindsay, Ray Lucas, Jennifer Mack, John Mackenty, Larry Petro, Vera Kozhurina-Platais, Abhijit Rajan, Linda Smith, Chris Sontag, and Leonardo Ubeda.
In publications, refer to this document as:
Gonzaga, S., Hack, W., Fruchter, A., Mack, J., eds. 2012, The DrizzlePac Handbook. (Baltimore, STScI)
For the design of AstroDrizzle and the enhancements to the FITS format it has introduced, please reference:
A.S. Fruchter, W. Hack, N. Dencheva, M. Droettboom, P. Greenfield, 2010, “BetaDrizzle:  A Redesign of the MultiDrizzle Package” in  STSCI Calibration Workshop Proceedings, Baltimore, MD, 21-23 July 2010, eds. Susana Deustua & Cristina Oliveira, Space Telescope Science Institute,  pp 376 - 381

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