HST Data Handbook for ACS


Version 4.0
January, 2005

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ACS Revision History
Version Date Editor
4.0 January 2005 Cheryl Pavlovsky, Anton Koekemoer and Jennifer Mack
3.0 July 2004 Cheryl Pavlovsky, Adam Riess, Jennifer Mack, and Ron Gilliland, Editors, ACS Data Handbook, Diane Karakla, Chief Editor and Susan Rose, Technical Editor, HST Data Handbook
2.0 November 2003 Jennifer Mack and Ron Gilliland
1.0 January 2002 Jennifer Mack, ACS Editor
Bahram Mobasher, Chief Editor



This document is written and maintained by the ACS+WFPC2 Branch in the Instruments Division of STScI which consists of the following individuals: Biretta, J., Boffi, F., Bohlin, R., Cox, C., Fruchter, A., Giavalisco, M., Gilliland, R., Gonzaga, S., Heyer, I., Hook, R., Jogee, S., Koekemoer, A., Mack, J., Mutchler, M., Pavlovsky, C., Platais, V., Riess, A., Sirianni, M., van der Marel, R., and van Orsow, D. Other scientists who contributed to the writing of this handbook include Clampin, M., de Marchi, G., Hack, W., Hartig, G., Krist, J., Sparks, W., and Welty, A. at STScI or formerly at STScI, Blakeslee, J. and Meurer, G., of the ACS Science Team, and Pasquali, A. and Walsh, J. at the ST-ECF.

In publications, refer to this document as:

Pavlovsky, C., et al. 2005, "ACS Data Handbook", Version 4.0, (Baltimore: STScI).

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