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DrizzlePac 2012 Handbook
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The DrizzlePac Handbook > Chapter 5: Introduction to the drizzlepac Interface > 5.1 Introduction to TEAL and Python Interfaces

DrizzlePac1 introduces a new approach to HST data processing. Historically, HST data analysis had its roots in IRAF, specifically the STSDAS package. Over the past decade, there has been a gradual migration towards using Python and C for coding the tasks. This led to a Python interface that mimicked IRAF/STSDAS called PyRAF, which also came with a GUI interface for editing task parameters.
With the introduction of the DrizzlePac2 package, more Python syntax is being utilized and a new GUI interface, called TEAL, is available for editing task parameters. DrizzlePac tasks can be run from the TEAL GUI, or as Python commands in the PyRAF or Python environment.
For users unfamiliar with Python but know PyRAF or IRAF, it is best to start learning DrizzlePac in PyRAF because PyRAF has both full Python functionality and capability to run commonly-used legacy IRAF tasks (e.g., imexam) to inspect the data products.
The following sections describes how to load drizzlepac, use TEAL and Python commands for running drizzlepac tasks.

DrizzlePac is part of a library of Python routines called stsci_python that also include PyFITS, PySynphot, and Numdisplay.

Throughout this document, direct references to tasks and packages are written in bold lowercase, to impress on users that they must be entered this way in the command-line (i.e.,astrodrizzle). General references to the software are written in the default font (i.e., AstroDrizzle).

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