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DrizzlePac 2012 Handbook
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Information in this handbook represents the cumulative experience and contributions of many members of the STScI community, including the WFPC2, WFC3, ACS, NICMOS and STIS instrument groups, the Observatory Support Group and the Science Software Branch.
The Drizzle code, which is at the core of MultiDrizzle and AstroDrizzle software, was originally developed by Richard Hook and Andrew Fruchter. It was subsequently implemented in the pipeline as MultiDrizzle, in an effort led by Anton Koekemoer.
AstroDrizzle, which is written primarily in C and Python, replaces MultiDrizzle in the HST pipeline. Software development was led by Andrew Fruchter and Warren Hack, with contributions from Erik Bray, Nadia Dencheva, Michael Droettboom, Richard Hook (ESO), Chris Sontag, and Megan Sosey. Under the leadership of ACS and WFC3 team leads, Linda Smith and John Mackenty, respectively, the software was tested by Amber Armstrong, Roberto Avila, Howard Bushouse, Michael Dulude, Shireen Gonzaga, Ray Lucas, Jennifer Mack, Max Mutchler, Larry Petro, Norbert Pirzkal, Abhijith Rajan, and Leonardo Ubeda. We thank Sylvia Baggett, Matthew Bourque, Stefano Casertano, Matt Lallo, Janice Lee, Knox Long, Josh Sokol, and Brad Whitmore for valuable feedback on the software. Susan Rose and James Younger provided the technical expertise for publication of this document.
The DrizzlePac Handbook replaces the Draft AstroDrizzle Mini-Handbook and the MultiDrizzle Handbook.

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