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DrizzlePac 2012 Handbook
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The DrizzlePac Handbook > Appendix D: Previous Drizzle Software Packages > D.5 WCS-enabled Drizzle

D.5 WCS-enabled Drizzle
The task wdrizzle provides the user with the ability to use the WCS information to apply the Drizzle algorithm to an input image and place that corrected image in an output frame specified through the use of WCS information. The full parameter set for wdrizzle can be found in the tasks help file under PyRAF or IRAF. If the output image already exists and the geomode parameter has been set to wcs, then the WCS information from that image will be used in place of the WCS parameter values specified for outscl, raref, decref, xrefpix, yrefpix, and orient.

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