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DrizzlePac 2012 Handbook
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The DrizzlePac Handbook > Appendix D: Previous Drizzle Software Packages > D.3 Second Generation Dither tasks

D.3 Second Generation Dither tasks
PyDrizzle provides a semi-automated interface for computing the parameters necessary for running Drizzle. Written in Python, PyDrizzle may be run in either the Python or PyRAF environments, although PyRAF is necessary to have access to the epar interface. PyDrizzle performs the task of determining the parameters necessary for aligning images based on the WCS information in the input image headers, as well as any supplemental alignment information provided in shiftfiles. PyDrizzle uses this information to combine the images onto a common WCS. PyDrizzle does not identify cosmic rays, however, it has the ability to ignore pixels flagged as bad, such as pixels identified by other programs as affected by cosmic rays. PyDrizzle only aligns and combines images and still includes parameters for controlling the specifics of how this is accomplished, including exactly how to specify the output product’s size, pixel scale, center and orientation. The full set of PyDrizzle parameters can be found in the original MultiDrizzle Handbook, along with basic examples for running PyDrizzle in pure Python and/or PyRAF session. For more information on the Python environment see the Python webpage.

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